Cybtans CLI
Cybtans Command Line Interface
The Cybtans Command Line Interface aka Cybtans CLI is a cross-platform Protocol Buffers compiler for creating RESTfull APIs in .NET using definitions in the Protobuff Language. The main advantage this tool provides is that it frees the developer from common boilerplate code. This allows the developer to focus on the business logic, resulting in a clean architecture with autogenerated clients components to be used in React ,Angular, Blazor, Xamarin or WPF apps.
Cybtans SDK
Infrastructure components
Cybtans SDK is a collection of packages for simplifying the development of microservices and APIs in DotNet. This includes implementations for the Repository/UnitOfWork pattern. Fast and hight performance Binary Serialization. Uniform interfaces for Domain Driven Design, Distribute Caching abstraction, Distributed Locking, Event Driven Development support File Storage abstractions, Event Sourcing, among many other capabilities.
Igneel Engine
Game Engine for .NET
Igneel Engine is a software development platform targeting .NET runtime for develop real-time 3D graphic applications. This platform results useful for writing games, simulation or interactive 3D visualization softwares. Igneel Engine hides all the complexity involved in the development of such types of applications and let you manage your 3D scene in an easy way without having to worry about the heavy math behind.
Framework for developing Android Apps
Enterlib for Android is a framework which helps to decouple the application's components into separated logical layers where the communications between them is through well-defined interfaces or also called code contracts. The framework's components help to write reusable, robust and testable pieces of code that can scale with little impact in the rest of the application.
Cloud Infrastructure
Azure, AWS, Kubernetes
Cybtans provides solutions for replicable cloud infrastructure, leveraging Terraform providers for Azure and AWS. By having all the infrastruture coded in Terraform it's very easy to modify the current architecture or even create new environments. Cybtans used Terraform for provisioning Kubernetes clusters with autoscalable node pools, Container Registries, Databases, Azure Service Bus, Redis Cache, Azure App Services, VPC and many more resources.
Driving Development of Microservices and REST APIs with Protobuf
This article shows how to use protocol buffers aka protobuf and code generation tools to speed up the development of microservice architectures and REST APIs.
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A Model-View-ViewModel Framework for Android
Introduction to Enterlib Android a MVVM framework for developing mobile apps. Enterlib helps you to decouple your application components in to separated layers and the communications between they is through well-defined interfaces or contracts.
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Rendering 3D Graphic in .NET with C# and Igneel.Graphics
Igneel.Graphics is an API for rendering 3D graphics on .NET. It provides and abstraction for interacting with the graphic hardware from the C# code. The API was developed combining the expressibility of C# with the power of C++.
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